somewhere beyond the stars

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Fluorite looks like a chunk of the night sky.

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This blog supports trans & nonbinary otherkin

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shoutout to oxygen

This is life literally


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i’m gonna get my hair cut like Captain America/i’m not a girl

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Monica was arrested for “walking while trans” — and now her supporters are fighting back

In the Grand Canyon state, “walking while trans” may very well be a criminal act.

That was the message sent last Friday by the Phoenix judge who convicted transwoman Monica Jones of “manifesting prostitution” following her arrest by undercover police officers in May of 2013.

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"Too often we see female characters pitted against each other for jobs or for men. While the ladies on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are certainly competitive, they do not tear each other down or view each other as rivals. [They] are all wildly different characters, but they come together to support each other as friends and colleagues." (x)

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behold, it is i, the evil social justice warrior, here to ruin your fun by pointing out that you’re being kind of an asshole

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that guy you just called a nerd? well it’s captain james kirk and you’re right he’s a huge freakin nerd

that ship you just called a glorified garbage scow? don’t you think you’d better…………..


rephrase that?

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*sighs for 3 years straight*

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