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Hey guys it’s Todd again. As you can see I’m ridin through the city having a fucking BLAST baby! Hahaa yeah! White guys connect, looking for any single females, yeah baby.

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Autumn Leaves

Where Are You?

Frank Sinatra


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IM HERE, IM QUEER, AND IM full of existential fear


would donations of money be helpful to you / something that you're comfortable accepting?



this would be immensely helpful honestly, there’s a donate button on my blog, but only do this if you feel comfortable doing so and it won’t take anything you need. we’ve been basically out of food for a week now (right now we’ve got some dry pasta and some peanut butter layng around and not much else, no veggies no meat) but we’re managing to scrape by

heres a fast link to quinns donate button, please help her out if you can she is a trans teen living in her 27 year old abuser’s old apartment

platoapproved's endless julian bashir spam →2/?

The word you’re looking for is unnatural, meaning not from nature.  Freak or monster would also be acceptable.


we went to a graveyard today


we went to a graveyard today

your blog helped me realize how bisexual i was. i remember when i had a sexuality crisis last year, part of it was bc i was thinking about how cute you were. it's weird but i really see you as a formative part of my developing queer identity. so thanks for that. sorry if this was out of line :/

aww! gosh. it wasn’t out of line. I really appreciate this message. I’m really glad I could help you so much, friend. 


sohmie replied to your post: omg lord I’m terrible/amazing at flirt…

wow are u LARPing julian tho

i’m crying sohm no this is just who i am

omg lord I’m terrible/amazing at flirting

this babe on okc just said i have gorgeous eyes and i was like “looks like you’ve got a gorgeous everything”

i can’t believe me tbh…………..


my fav shoes :3 


my fav shoes :3